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Area Rugs Overview

Area Rugs Overview

Like carpet, area rugs are made out of either synthetic or natural materials. The most common natural material is wool, though other natural materials are used, including silk, cotton and bamboo. Synthetic rug materials include polypropylene and nylon. As with carpet, rugs made from natural materials are generally of greater value than those made of synthetic fibers.

Area Rugs Basics

Area Rugs Basics

Rugs have been used in homes for thousands of years. While ancient rugs were all hand-made, today’s rugs are most often manufactured by machine. Though some are still handmade. Machine-manufactured rugs tend to be the less expensive of the two types, and are often created on large, machine-driven looms. Handmade rugs are made with one of two techniques: knotting or weaving. Knotted rugs are made when a person ties each piece of yarn individually, creating a unique, one-of a kind rug. When you hear people refer Persian, Senneh or Turkish rugs, they may be referring to knotted rugs. Each of these types of rugs originated from regions of the world with unique knotting styles. Woven rugs can also be created by hand, and are equally as labor-intensive. For this reason, handmade rugs are often more expensive than machine made rugs, but they are also unique pieces, considered an investment.

Area Rugs Care and Maintenance

Area Rugs Care and Maintenance

How do I keep my rugs clean? 

Like carpet, area rugs need to be cleaned regularly. Make sure you have a good vacuum and use it to pick up dust and dirt. Clean up spills immediately when they happen to help prevent stains.  Have your rugs professionally cleaned every few years. And, as with any flooring product, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance suggestions and cleaning products.

How should I clean up spills?

If you spill something on a rug, treat it as though you would on carpet. Clean it up right away. Use a dry, clean cloth to pick up any solids and then soak up as much liquid as possible. Rinse the area with warm water and blot it up with a cloth. After the area has dried, you can pass a vacuum over it to help restore it to its original appearance. If you have questions or concerns about stains, your local Floor Store can provide recommendations on cleaning products and professionals.

Besides cleaning, are there other considerations for area rug maintenance?

With area rugs, it’s important to rotate them frequently. As people walk over rugs, the rug will wear in the places that get the most traffic. By rotating the rug, you ensure the entire rug wears evenly and the appearance is similar throughout.

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