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Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Just because your hardwood floor is showing its age, doesn't mean it has to be replaced.

Sanding & Refinishing | The Floor Store

Sanding & refinishing hardwood floors

Restore your hardwood floors back to its original condition, complete with all the vibrancy and luster with The Floor Store's sanding and refinishing service.

Floor Sanding and Refinishing

When your hardwood floor is severely damaged, uneven or yellowed, you may think it’s time to replace it. You’ll be happy to know that’s not usually the case. Sanding and refinishing will restore a hardwood floor back to its original condition, complete with all the vibrancy and luster that makes wood floors so special. Refinishing is less disruptive than replacing wood flooring, requires less time and is less expensive.

Refinishing involves sanding down to the bare wood to smooth out unevenness, dents, dings and stains. Cracks and gouges are filled in and sanded before a color stain is applied. Here’s where you can change the color of your hardwood floor, if you choose. Finally, a clear finish is applied to seal in the bare wood and keep it protected.

Our entire sanding and refinishing process is done with our Total Dust Containment System, meaning you won’t have dust spreading throughout the home nor will you have to leave while we’re working. All of our finishes are EPA certified as non-toxic and low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Refinishing a hardwood floor takes 2-4 days from start until the floor is ready to walk on.

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