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Recoating Hardwood Floors

Removing and recoating your hardwood floor's finish periodically will prolong its life.

Scrub Recoating for hardwood | The Floor Store

Scrub & recoating hardwood floors

The Floor Store recommends scrubbing and recoating your hardwood floors to maintain the protective wear layer every few years.

Protect Your Hardwood Floors

Today's hardwood flooring has been designed to withstand the wear, tear and friction as a result of heavy foot traffic and daily activity. Technological advances and patents with finishes have also made possible the increased stain and wear-resistant characteristics. However, at times hardwood floors may require screening or re-finishing. If left unchecked, eventually, bare wood will become exposed and made vulnerable to moisture, stains and premature wear.

Every few years, we recommend scrubbing and recoating hardwood floors to maintain the protective wear layer. Scrubbing involves removing the worn top layer as well as embedded dirt, scratches and minor stains. Then the bare floor is thoroughly cleaned, rinsed and recoated with a new, protective layer.

The new finish not only restores the luster and beauty of the original floor but also provides a durable, protective wear layer that will prolongs its life. Your floor is ready to walk on overnight.

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