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Refresh Your Home Office with New Flooring

Having a home office has become more important for most people in recent years as working from home has become more commonplace.

What once may have been the space to store books and important documents has been transformed into a room where we spend a large portion of our time. Whether you create, meet with clients, write, or balance budgets, you need a space that’s both comfortable and suited for productivity. Your home office should be stress free and help you feel ready for your workday.

The flooring in your home office sets the overall tone for your room. It can contribute to a light, open feel or a cozier, warmer vibe. No matter your preference, there is a perfect flooring for your home office space.

At The Floor Store, we carry a large variety of carpet, hardwood, luxury vinyl, or laminate, as well as area rugs, for that perfect ambiance.

Carpet in a Home Office

Nothing will provide you with the same level of comfort and softness underfoot as carpet in your home office. Carpet also helps reduce and absorb sound, which is a great benefit if you frequently work with clients or find yourself on calls often. It’s best to choose a carpet with a shorter pile to make it easier to roll items, such as your desk chair. Since carpet is available in such a wide variety of colors, patterns, and designs, you’ll be sure to find one that creates the workspace aesthetic you need.

Hardwood Floors in Your Home Office

If you have hardwood flooring throughout the rest of your home, you’ll probably want to continue that look into the home office. Hardwood creates a timeless feel that allows you to create the style you want. It can provide you a warm, inviting place to work and is an elegant and sophisticated space to meet with clients or partners. It’s also easy to keep clean and maintain. You will want an area rug and/or pads under your furniture so you do not scratch or dent your hardwood.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring for a Home Office

Both luxury vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tile are great options for a home office when you need an option for high-traffic areas. Plus, since they are made to mimic the genuine looks of hardwood, tile, or stone, you can create any aesthetic you want. Luxury vinyl is incredibly durable, waterproof, and softer underfoot than other hard surfaces, and it has the added bonus of being an affordable flooring option. Add stylish furniture and an area rug to elevate the look of your office.

Laminate Flooring in a Home Office

Laminate flooring is another great choice for a home office because it is beautiful, versatile, and durable. Available in a wide selection of tones and designs, there’s a laminate option for any style you’re wanting to create. Since laminate is resistant to scratches, wear and tear, stains, and more, it will last for many years without worry. You can also add an underlayment designed to reduce sound. Laminate is also an affordable flooring option for a home office.

Choosing an Area Rug for Your Office

When it comes to choosing an area rug for your home office, the options are endless. You can choose from a bold color or pattern to make a statement or a subtle design that becomes a comforting background element. There are a variety of shapes and sizes so you can choose the one best for you. If you want a rug under your rolling office chair, choose a low pile for ease.

The flooring you choose will depend on your personal style and performance needs in your home office. Whether you want the comfort of carpet, the beauty of hardwood, the style and durability of luxury vinyl or laminate, or a new area rug, we, at The Floor Store, have a perfect flooring for you. We can help you create the perfect home office space. Contact us or visit one of our nine convenient showrooms in the Bay Area today to begin.

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