Go Green in 2017 with Area Rugs

Coming soon to a space near you . . . bright green.  Actually, Greenery (Pantone 15-0343), the name of Pantone Color Institute’s 2017 Color of the Year – a vibrant, leafy green with a hint with yellow. Don’t think Kermit the Frog. This hue is as refreshing as a burgeoning Spring and as zesty as a Granny Smith apple. It’s a color that speaks to new beginnings and a connection with nature. The perfect color to kick off the new year and the perfect color for waking up a tired room.

Believe it or not, Greenery is being touted as a neutral color by interior designers, serving much like it does in nature as a background of foliage and grass to offset the riotous color from flowers, plants and trees. So how can you incorporate this revitalizing hue into your home for 2017?

Mohawk Courtyard Lasting Luxury Horizon Carpet

The right shade of green can act as a neutral shade to anchor other décor elements.


You can paint a wall or two . . . or four a shade of Greenery, but that’s a major commitment to what is essentially a trend. Besides, interior designers don’t really expect us to makeover our rooms every year to match the latest styles. Instead, accessories such as drapes, throws, pillows and area rugs are an easy, affordable way to enjoy this year’s Greenery.

Color Me Green Area Rugs

Decorative area rugs anchor a room, essentially pulling together furnishings and décor elements into a cohesive look. And because Greenery is a versatile neutral that pairs nicely with many color combinations, you can dial up the verdant style with any number of choices. Go for an invigorating splash of green like Trans Ocean Group Fronds Green or just a refreshing sprinkling like Karastan Charisma Alfresco Cream. Or let pattern set the pace with a Mohawk medallion area rug. Muted shades of green or bright and bold; soft designs or intricate geometry – have fun discovering a style that matches yours.

Examples of green area rugs.

Examples of green area rugs available at The Floor Store. From left, Trans Ocean Group Fronds Green, Karastan Charisma Alfresco Cream; Oriental Weavers Caspian.


At The Floor Store we have over 25,000 rugs from top brands that you can browse and buy online! The only difficulty you’ll have is nailing down your style, pattern and size. But we make that easy too. You can browse all our rugs by color alone, say, green area rugs, or you can browse by rug styles, size, patterns or brand. From modern abstracts to hand-knotted Orientals, from round rugs to runners and every size in between. We have brands you know and trust – Mohawk, Karastan, Oriental Weavers, Pantone and more.

Tips for Selecting Green Area Rugs

Lighter colors, such as Greenery, make a small space seem larger. Keep that in mind when selecting size. Not quite sure of the right size? Use removable painter’s tape to mark off the area you’re considering. That way you can better see how the rug size works with the rest of the room. There’s no need to match color exactly. Pillows, throws, area rug – they don’t all have to be a perfect match to Greenery. Colors work better when they blend together.

Greenery might come as a surprise to the eye, but remember that it’s a life-affirming color symbolic of freshness and growth. Lay down your own patch of greenery and let the harmony flourish.