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Ceramic Tile Installation Guide

What to Expect

In concept, ceramic tile installation is straight-forward. However, we recommend using a professional installation team to ensure that your tile floor is installed correctly. A well-laid tile floor can add beauty to your home and, if properly maintained, can last a lifetime.

To install ceramic tile, your installation professionals will follow a series of steps. First, they will ensure that the surface is properly prepared to lay the tile. Next, they will mark the center of the room (usually by snapping chalk lines that intersect) and lay a single row of tiles along the center line, setting the layout for the space. The next step is to apply an appropriate adhesive that will adhere the tiles to the material below. Next, tiles will be cut and then eventually set in place. Finally, they will apply grout to the joints between tiles.

If you have specific questions about ceramic tile installation, feel free to contact a Floor Store location near you. Our associates would be happy to guide you through the process of tile installation.