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Ceramic Tile Questions

Frequently asked questions about ceramic tile

Ceramic tile makes an excellent flooring choice for most rooms. Before you tile shop, take a look at frequently asked questions about this flooring solution for your home.

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Ceramic tiles are made from clay that is heated to very high temperatures in a kiln. This process of “firing” the clay hardens it, creating a material that is useful for all kinds of applications.

When it comes to ceramic tile, there are two basic types: glazed and unglazed tile. Glazed tile has a non-porous coating added to the tile after it has been fired. Unglazed tiles have no additional coating. Because of their non-porous surfaces, glazed tiles work well in kitchens and baths. They are also popular because glazing presents options for a variety of patterns and colors. Unglazed tiles tend to be a bit more durable and are great for a variety of interior and exterior uses.

All ceramic tiles are made from clay and kiln-fired. Porcelain tiles are a specific kind of ceramic tile, made from a specific kind of clay. Whereas most ceramic tiles are made from red or white clay, porcelain tiles are made from a light-colored clay with a slightly different chemical composition. Porcelain clay, when fired at high temperatures, creates a tile that is more durable and more moisture-resistant than other ceramic tiles.

Generally speaking, tile flooring has to be adhered to a subfloor with a tile adhesive or mortar. Once it has been secured, the joints between tiles need to be sealed with grout to fill in the space and create a uniform, secure flooring surface. Be sure to ask a Floor Store associate if you have specific questions about tile installation.

Ceramic tiles can be installed almost anywhere. They can be used both indoors and out and are appropriate for installations at, above or below grade (ground-level). They are frequent choices for kitchens and baths because they are durable and moisture-resistant.

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