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Everything You Need to Know About Luxury Vinyl

In the average active home, chaos can strike at a moment’s notice: A spilled wine glass, a knocked-over water bowl, an accident from an excited pet, or a stampede of playful siblings coming indoors! Thankfully, luxury vinyl flooring has transformed the resilient flooring category and continues to revolutionize how homeowners are outfitting their stylish rooms to handle all of those aforementioned scenarios.

With striking hardwood and stone realism to go along with incredible performance factors and easy-to-maintain qualities, LVT has become a go-to flooring solution for any area of the home. Exploring new flooring options in 2021? Here’s everything you need to know about luxury vinyl flooring:

Wonderfully Waterproof

Let’s cut directly to the chase: Luxury vinyl flooring is inherently waterproof! That’s right…you can have realistic wood and stone beauty in rooms that will see more moisture like kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, mudrooms, and even basements. LVT planks are completely waterproof and can handle standing water without being damaged. You no longer have to fear spills or pet accidents, or wince when you discover a puddle whose origin is unknown!

Tremendously Tough

Vinyl has always been a stand-out representative of resilient flooring thanks to the material’s ability to retain shape under pressure and handle foot traffic with ease. Luxury Vinyl takes this durability even further with rigid texture that aids in handling your family adventures and any scratches, scuffs, dropped items, and general wear-and-tear along the way.

Stunning Style

Today’s luxury vinyl flooring options are a fashion-forward far cry from the vinyl varieties of decades past: LVT products emulate your favorite hard surfaces and help you capture the rustic, modern, traditional, exotic, or industrial design scheme you want at a fraction of the cost. No matter what stone or wood look you’re after, there’s a strong chance that you can find the exact design, shade, and format you desire, complete with realistic texture and depth.

Everything’s Easier

Whether you are investing in luxury vinyl plank, tile, or sheet format, your flooring is simply easier to afford, install, and maintain. Compared to hardwood and stone products and installation costs, luxury vinyl is vastly more affordable.  Thanks to floating, click-lock, and DIY installation capabilities, you can put vinyl in every room without necessarily needing to hire professional installers or apply any sealers. You can explore a multi-width plank look for a completely unique layout, and vinyl works especially well with the rise of open floorplans by providing a versatile surface that can move throughout the home.  

Visit our vinyl inspiration gallery to spark your creativity for any upcoming renovations and remodel projects! When you’re ready to bring your vision to life, contact our experts and we will assist your journey in any way we can.

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