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Hardwood Trends: European Wired Brushed White Oak

When it comes to the most common trends in hardwood floors in San Francisco, it should come as no surprise that European Wired Brushed White Oak is at the forefront. At a glance, it is the type of floor that boasts decadence while simultaneously boasts rustic refinery.

The timeless of hardwood combined with the exotic yet aged look that is created by the wire brushed technique makes this particular flooring option an amazing option for rooms in the home that get heavy foot traffic. Not to mention this is a great option for homes that have children and pets.

European Wire Brushed White Oak

Just a few of the Wire Brushed White Oak hardwood options we offer at The Floor Store.

The European Wire Brushed White Oak has a distinctly European look that is both matte and has a no-shine finish. This gives it a more warm, rough, earthy feel, which works well with any room décor. Many opt to use a wide width plank when using this type of wood flooring to capture the timelessness and nostalgia from decades past.

When it comes to hardwood texture, the European Wire Brushed White Oak borders on the dramatic. Depth is emphasized through the oak character marks and natural knots that occur in the wood. These marks are rarely seen in the more traditional hardwood flooring. The key here is depth, character and charm, which is why this particular type of flooring is quickly capturing the attention of homeowners and design experts nationwide.

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