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Elevate Your Outdoor Living Space: Tips for Creating a Cohesive Look

As you begin spending time outdoors more frequently again, you may realize it has been a while since you refreshed your outdoor living space.

Whether you want to create a completely new look or just make a few minor adjustments, you can create the perfect outdoor oasis you will love for many years.

outdoor living area

You’ll approach your outdoor living space similarly to the rooms in your home. You want to keep a few things in mind to help your space feel cohesive and encourage socializing and/or relaxation. You’ll also want to make sure you choose items that meet your performance needs, and can stand up to the weather, for a low-maintenance, worry-free space you can actually enjoy.

At The Floor Store, we can help you with the outdoor flooring and area rugs that will look beautiful and perform great for many years.

Outdoor Flooring Options

When you choose outdoor flooring, it needs to be able to withstand the sun and rain with ease. Plus, you want it to look great. There are several options to choose from, and the one you decide on will balance your style and lifestyle, as well as your budget.

Tile for Outdoor Use

Both porcelain and ceramic tile have options that are rated for outdoor use. Porcelain is popular because of its extreme durability and resilience and its ability to handle weather, resist stains, mold, and water. Ceramic is not quite as thick or as sturdy as porcelain, but it is still a good choice for outdoor use. Both options are easy to keep clean and will last for a long time with the right care. Both tile options are available in such a wide variety of colors, patterns, designs, shapes, and sizes, you can truly customize your space to suit your personality.

outdoor living area tile

Natural Stone for Outdoor Use

Natural stone is incredibly durable, able to handle heavy traffic and the elements with ease. Each natural stone has a unique look with interesting colors and textures that add character and visual interest to your space. Plus, since it’s natural, it will look great outdoors. Natural stone is a bit more expensive to install than other options, but with the right care it will last for a long time.

outdoor living area natural stone flooring

Other Flooring Types for Outdoor Use

You may also choose vinyl tile, concrete, decking, pavers, rubber tiles, or more, depending on your style and budget. They all provide you with different benefits, such as being stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, or affordability. A choice like outdoor vinyl tile can mimic the look of natural stone or even wood, but it will need to be installed under covered areas, for example. So, it’s important to weigh all your needs when making your choice.

Outdoor Area Rug Options

Similar to a room in your home, an area rug is an important design and functional element for your outdoor living space. Rugs help anchor a space, protecting your flooring underneath, and help tie all the colors and textures of your design together. Rugs will also encourage gathering and define areas within your outdoor living space. But it’s important to make sure you choose an area rug specifically made for outdoor use so it will be mildew and mold resistant, resistant to fading under the sun’s rays, and withstand the local climate. Since area rugs come in a wide variety of colors, styles, shapes, and sizes, you can find one no matter your style. You may opt for a brighter or bolder color and pattern for your outdoor use than you would indoors so the bright colors and pattern will stand out and make a statement.

outdoor living area with rug

Decorating Your Outdoor Space

Another way to create an inviting and comfortable ambiance outdoors is to make sure you have plenty of shade. You may choose a pergola, a covered patio, outdoor curtains, or a giant patio umbrella, for example. Being inspired by the nature that surrounds your space, you can incorporate more plants, such as an herb garden, flowers, or ornamental trees. Bring in other natural elements, including clay pots, botanical prints and patterns for your pillows or rugs, lighting fixtures made with wicker, or more, to create a cohesive and finished look. You will still want to choose a color pallet that complements your space, make sure you have textures that add visual interest, and stay away from too many bold patterns.

Another way to help your space look fresher, while making sure it lasts for a long time is with regular cleaning. You want to make sure to keep your outdoor furniture and flooring clear of debris, which will wear down your surfaces, making them look worn faster.

No matter your style or lifestyle, at The Floor Store, we have several items that will help you create a beautiful, cohesive outdoor living space. We can help you select the right outdoor flooring options for your needs, as well as the perfect area rugs. Trust our experts to help you find the right products for you. Contact us or visit one of our nine convenient showrooms today to get started.

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