Why You Need Waterproof Flooring

When it comes to homeownership or simply managing an active home, it pays to anticipate unideal situations and expect the unexpected. Whether it’s common spills and stains, extreme weather and flooding, or unforeseen moisture in certain rooms, waterproof flooring can be a complete lifesaver! Luxury vinyl flooring, tile varieties, as well as laminate styles with enhanced moisture protection are thriving with shoppers searching for this valuable feature. Here a few significant reasons why you need waterproof flooring:

Spills & Accidents

From kids and pets to hosting get-togethers and general activity, the occasional spill or liquid accident is simply inevitable. Rather than stress and let a spill ruin your good time, a waterproof floor allows you to simply wipe up the liquid and forget it ever occurred! This will prove especially important if you do not visibly see a mishap occur and have no idea how or when a puddle originated. Warping, cracking, and discoloration are no threats to your floor: the waterproof nature eliminates the concept of these conditions entirely.

Complete Your Design Vision

If you love the look of natural stone or genuine hardwood, then you’re probably aware of the rooms in the home that aren’t well suited for these flooring materials, including kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, and laundry rooms. However, waterproof flooring always you to complete your ultimate design vision without sacrificing fashion or style. Modern waterproof flooring features tremendous realism and authentic texture, giving you the looks you love exactly where you want them. With the rise of open floorplans, you can easily match the look of your rooms no matter what room you are designing.

Extreme Weather Protection

Can your current floors survive heavy rainfall, flooding, tropical storms, or frozen pipes that bust?  A water-damaged floor is a permanently damaged floor, and a waterproof floor prevents water damage! For many homes, the basement can present the first area that will experience water damage and can be the hardest to design below grade. Waterproof floors allow you to design a basement that is stylish and armed for whatever excessive moisture may come that way.

Easier to Maintain

There’s no complicated or time-consuming maintenance when it comes to waterproof flooring: You can quickly give your surfaces their fantastic shine by wet-mopping, a cleaning technique that will damage uncoated hardwood. With so much to focus on, including raising children, caring for pets, and entertaining guests, waterproof flooring allows you to spend less time worrying and cleaning, and more time making memories and enjoying your home.

Browse our waterproof flooring inspiration gallery for all the striking surfaces that emulate high-end hardwood, ceramic tile, stone, and concrete visuals. Our experts are ready to help you find your favorite floors engineered to serve your home with exceptional performance!