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Using Natural Stone Flooring

When it comes to using natural stone flooring in the home, we cherish this gorgeous timeless option for its luxurious connection to the great outdoors and versatile abilities that work in nearly any room. With eye-catching movement, veining, and striations, natural stone is perfect for crafting an elevated interior that still serves your home with reliable performance. In addition to long-lasting durability, a stone floor offers more moisture resistance than hardwood while adding similar value to your property’s listing. Here are a few of the ways that we love using natural stone flooring in the home.

Larger Sizes

If you have a popular open floorplan or you are looking to open more confined rooms in the home, natural stone can be the solution for the visual you aim to create. Using larger stone formats will allow you to complete floors that feature fewer grout lines and seams. Just like hardwood floor installation using longer, wider planks, oversized stone tiles add a luxurious feel to your interiors. Whether your favorite stone type is slate, marble, travertine, sandstone, or granite, large stone sizes can make an open floorplan feel even more spacious and larger than it actually is!

Design Schemes

Stone flooring will also work exceptionally well as you look to achieve specific design schemes. For instance, modern interiors highlight precision, proportion, and neutrals tones, as well as clean, sleek lines that add balance and a minimalistic feel. Similarly, traditional spaces emphasize elegance, quality, detail, refinement, luxury, along with time-honored craftsmanship. Stunning stone varieties check nearly all these features adding eye-catching natural characteristics for visual interest without overwhelming both of these focused design schemes. With added moisture resistance, you can easily use stone to create these luxurious schemes in rooms that need key performance characteristics like kitchens and bathrooms.

Kitchen Components

Speaking of kitchens, stone allows homeowners to craft magazine-worthy culinary spaces with unique potential. Although a cabinet and kitchen floor pairing can be tricky, stone flooring can be the perfect material balance to painted cabinets or for providing textural contrast. You can then decide if you want to extend the sophistication to your kitchen backsplash for dramatic impact. If your countertops are more subdued, a stone backsplash with eye-catching movement and color will shine appropriately! Perhaps you aim to cover an entire kitchen wall with opulent marble or quartzite for a full-height backsplash effect that gives the kitchen an undeniable high-end vibe.

Unique Creativity

Just like tile allows you to create unique installations with design versatility, natural stone will also present enough size varieties, mosaics, and shapes that can produce one-of-a-kind results. Mosaics are especially valuable pieces since they typically feature multiple shades and offer engaging shapes while remaining easy to install on larger sheets. Make sure to work with a professional with expertise and tools as you develop your creative design, as well as bring home samples to accurately gauge how your stone vision will work with the actual natural light in your home. 

Wherever you choose to use attractive natural stone flooring, make sure to add stylish rugs for soft texture and extra pops of appropriate color and pattern. Our stone experts are ready to help you investigate your favorite options and you can give us a call or send us an email to set up a guided appointment today!

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