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How to Lighten Up Your Bedroom For the Summer

Light. Bright. Breezy. With warm weather outside and plenty of natural light pouring in the windows, summer has all of us at The Floor Store in the San Francisco Bay Area longing to bring the outside in. You can easily bring the summer weather inside with lighter interior design choices in rooms like your living room or bedroom. Enjoy the laid back and relaxed summer vibe in your bedroom as billowing curtains and soothing colors lure you to sleep this season.

Light. Bright. Breezy. Living Room

Here are some simple tips on how to lighten up your bedroom for summer.

Color Pallet

One of the easiest ways to introduce the summer season into your bedroom space is by selecting a light, soothing color pallet. When selecting your paint or textile colors, let nature inspire you. Select a neutral taupe and grey color pallet inspired by the sand. Or select a blue and green color pallet inspired by the water.

Lighter Bedding

Since summer weather is here, it’s time to trade out heavy duvets and winter fabrics like flannel for airy, breezy bedding fabrics. Cotton, linen, and silk are all ideal lightweight choices for summer weather, and layers can help as the temperature changes.


If it’s time for new flooring in your living room or bedroom, bring summer into the space year round with light, gorgeous new floors like comfortable carpet.

Bring Summer into Your Space.

Area Rugs

If you’re looking for a less permanent summer flooring solution, consider a light area rug from our online  Rug Shop.

Beautiful Light Area Rug

Art and Accessories

Another easy way to lighten up your bedroom for summer is with art and accessories. We love the recent trend of juju hat wall decor which gives drama and texture to the space. If the juju hat wall is too trendy for your taste, consider a soothing coastal canvas, incorporating light summer colors like blue, grey and ivory.

Are you ready to lighten up your bedroom for summer? Contact Us today to schedule your free design consultation with one of our experts or stop by one of our showroom locations to browse our large selection of flooring. Enjoy these long and beautiful summer days!

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