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Carpeting Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Carpeting

Carpet makes an excellent flooring choice for any room. Before you carpet shop, take a look at frequently asked questions about carpeting & carpet padding.

Learn about carpet, carpet basics, carpet gallery, carpeting installation, and carpeting care and maintenance.

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When it comes to carpet, the options are virtually endless. But carpet can be split into three basic categories, based on the characteristics of the carpet’s surface. This visible, wearable surface, consisting of tufts of yarn, is called “pile”. Carpets are categorized as “cut pile,” “loop pile,” or “cut and loop.” To learn more about each type of pile, and what might work best for you, contact your nearest Floor Store location.

This will depend on a number of factors, including your personal style, needs, and budget. Today, the majority of carpets on the market are made of synthetic fibers, including nylon, polypropylene or polyester. Natural fiber carpets are usually made of wool, though some carpets blend wool with materials such as silk, cotton or bamboo. Wool is generally considered one of the best and most attractive carpeting materials available and, as such, costs significantly more than many synthetic fiber options. However, there are soft, durable carpeting options made of synthetic fibers. A Floor Store associate can answer more questions about which options may best suit your personal needs.

When carpeting is bent, it is very possible that you may see the backing. This is not a reflection of the carpet’s quality or durability. It’s simply a result of the way carpet is manufactured and may happen with a stairway installation.

Yes you do! Padding can make an enormous difference on how your carpet feels after installation. It absorbs much of the impact when walking on the floor, contributing to a softer feel and helping to preserve and maintain your carpet over time. Different carpet pads may be recommended for different types of carpet. We recommend that you consider purchasing a high quality carpet pad to ensure a long life for your carpet.

Carpet usually comes packaged in a roll that’s not wide enough for most large rooms. Unfortunately, this means that seams are probably inevitable. However, a carpet installation professional will use a seaming diagram as a blueprint to ensure that seams are minimized and well-hidden within a room. With certain styles of carpet, seams show more than with others, so this might be a consideration. If you have particular concerns about seams within your room, consult a Floor Store associate to talk through your carpeting options.

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