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Natural Stone Basics

Natural stone flooring 101

Natural Stone adds both beauty and sophistication to any room.

Learn about natural stone, natural stone gallery, natural stone installation, natural stone questions and natural stone care and maintenance.

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About Natural Stone

Stone is an all-natural material that has been used in construction for thousands of years. It’s a product that adds both beauty and sophistication to any room it’s used in. There are three kinds of rock formations from which stone tile is eventually carved: sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rock.

The distinctions between each come from the way in which they were formed.

  • Igneous rock is the result of lava or magma cooling and hardening. Granite is an example of igneous rock.
  • Sedimentary rock is formed when layers of biological deposits are compacted and crystallized over many, many years. Sandstone and limestone are examples of sedimentary rocks.
  • Metamorphic rock is formed when other types of rock (igneous or sedimentary) are exposed to high levels of heat and pressure within the earth. Marble and travertine are examples of metamorphic stones.

To create natural stone tiles, rock is quarried from the earth, cut into slabs and then eventually into tiles. Manufactured stone tiles, while they contain natural stone elements, are actually synthetic products. They consist of stone fragments or chips that are suspended in a bonding material. In general, manufactured stone tiles are more durable than natural stone. Stone tiles come from numerous different kinds of stone and are available in a host of colors, sizes and finishes.

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