Find Your Ideal Kitchen Backsplash Tile

The kitchen is one of the best rooms in your home to exercise your creativity. Whether you’re trying out a new recipe or preparing a family favorite, a uniquely designed and stylish kitchen is the ideal place to make cherished memories and create your culinary masterpieces.

At The Floor Store, we love to use backsplashes to update kitchens and give them a sleek, personalized style. We carry a variety of dazzling floor and wall tile options from American Olean, Daltile, Emser, and more in our nine Bay Area showrooms. We can help you get the backsplash look you want.

Different Tile Glazes

Ceramic glazed tile will give your backsplash a cool, classic appeal that feels instantly cozy and familiar. However, you can also choose a tile finish that shimmers and shines when natural light comes in. Tile comes in every color imaginable, and when combined with a lustrous finish, your tile design is sure to stand out.

Stone tile with weathered finishes can give your kitchen a laid-back, relaxing feel. There are so many options to consider that you’re sure to land on one that will create your ideal kitchen environment.

Different Tile Shapes

Backsplash tile also comes in many different sizes, from small penny-sized tiles to large 12-inch by 12-inch squares. You can use square tiles, rectangular tiles, and subway tiles in standard size formats to create a clean, traditional backsplash. Plus, geometric tile with five, six, or eight sides will add visual interest and enliven a monochrome modern kitchen backsplash.

Large, oversized patterns and graphic print tiles can help energize your kitchen too! You can even use stone slabs to create a backsplash for an innovative, industrial approach. The wide assortment of tile shapes and sizes available will allow you to capture a look that’s all your own.

Subway tile backsplash

Patterned Layouts Are Popular

Patterns are always engaging within a room design, and kitchens are no exception. Chevron, herringbone, and laser-cut tile will provide you with patterned layouts that produce eye-catching backsplash designs. Large, patterned tile continues to rise in popularity; just make sure to plan your overall layout ahead of time to ensure that your backsplash doesn’t repeat in a way that you don’t intend it to. And at The Floor Store, we can help you plan your kitchen backsplash so that it looks the way you envisioned it.

Add a Decorative Centerpiece

In addition to the gorgeous tile varieties that you choose for your overall kitchen backsplash, you can also incorporate a decorative centerpiece as an attractive focal point. These large tile pieces add additional texture and artistry to the overall layout and work exceptionally well over the range and stive-top and look exceptionally stylish under a wall-mount range hood.

 If you do want to add a tile focal point, be aware that many tile manufacturers will create coordinating decorative pieces with their tile lines, so you can get a matching tile look if you want. You can also mix and match tile to create a unique look that stands out within your kitchen design—like a sleek white subway tile backsplash paired with a patterned tile centerpiece behind the stovetop.


Decorative centerpiece backsplash

Tile backsplash possibilities are endless, whether you choose a coordinating centerpiece or create a centerpiece with a section of decorative or patterned tile.

The right kitchen backsplash will help you enjoy cooking, planning meals, or even dishing out take-out in a space that reflects your personality and design tastes. Visit The Floor Store at any one of our nine California locations, and our tile experts can help you find the styles and inspiration you need to complete your beautiful kitchen backsplash!

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